Welcome to the MindTuxMap-Documentaton-Project. When you hover over the MindTuxMap-Symbol at the top, you will get an index.

Get the App

You can get the Editor App from the Play Store For starters, you can get the free Viewer App from the Play Store


MindTuxMap was built for your fingers. Most gestures are for one finger.

Creating new Elements

Swipe your finger from an existing Element away.

Edit Elements

Tap on an existing Element.

Move Elements

Put your finger on an Element and wait until you see blue arrows around the Element. The arrows will appear after half a second. Then move your finger without lifting it up and the Element will follow it.

Deleting Elements

Tap on an existing Element, choose the "Options"-Button, then "Delete", confirm the dialog.

Pick Color

Tap on an existing Element, choose the "Options"-Button, then "Pick Color", finally click at the color you would like to select. Consider the flag on the bottom. If activated it will change the color of the childrens element.

Rename the Mindmap

Tap the root Element of the map or choose the menu entry from the options menu.

Scale the map

Put two fingers on the map, but not on an Element. Then move them towards to zoom away. Move them apart to zoom in. The map moves when you move your fingers.


The settings offer you control over some details:

You can open the settings with the menu at the start screen.

How to import Mindmaps

The easiest way to import a MindMap, from FreeMind or MindTuxMap, is to open/display it with the (g-)MailApp or an ExplorerApp (like File Expert, File Manager or any other FileBrowser). If you use File Manager, it works like this:

Supported file types

MindTuxMap currently supports:

Share your work

You can export every Mindmap you created or imported via the menu at the start screen. If you opened your map, you can export it directly and attach it to an email if you like.

Export formats

MindTuxMap currently supports:

Use a Cloudservice

If you would like to sync your Data with an cloud service (like Dropbox or others), you will have to export your Mindmap from MindTuxMap after you changed it on the device. And you will have to import it everytime you changed it on any other device. This problem is by design: MindTuxMap was not designed to support cloud storage. If you need this particular feature: please donate

Donate for ...

If you like this app, would like tu support the development or need a special feature, please consider this: Write me an email to with your suggestion and donate an appropriate amount.

Thank you.