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Rust in the year 2025

Summary protocol of the workshop "Rust in the year 2025"

  • Types
    • Refinement - Types with more predicates
    • Variant types - only accept one variant of an enum
  • Formal verification
  • Smaller binaries
  • Steps towards a "stable" ABI
  • Capabilites oriented IO (like CloudABI)
  • #[no_panic] annotation for very safe functions/modules/crates
    • A lint to detect panics with #[deny(maybe_panic)]
  • Better UI toolkit integration or self-hosted
  • Variadic touples
  • General feedback
    • RFCs - not known or too time consuming
    • Surveys - not known to more than 50%
  • Not overload the rust
    • limit scope and keep it learnable to new users
    • Set non-goals
    • limit the number of language features
  • More type information inside macros
  • Externalizs extensions from the language with DSLs - Anti Pattern
  • Const generics and functions
  • Macros should be able to generate uniqe names