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Building exchange on Exonum Workshop - Rust Zürichsee

This month will be a surprise. Ilya Bogdanov, Rust Developer at Exonum, Bitfury Group is visiting us with the subject "Building exchange on Exonum in Rust".

We will talk about using Rust in real-world applications and Exonum framework and its internal structure. We will learn how to create blockchain-based applications with Rust and Exonum. Practical part includes creating ready-to-use blockchain exchange with both backend and frontent parts written in Rust and then deployment of a scalable blockchain network on several nodes.

Please bring: * Your laptop * With the installed rust toolchain, Installer is available here: * Configured developer environment is not necessary - one can use GitHub repository with source code and prepared binaries. * Some preparation is need for ones who want to actively participate in workshop - follow Exonum installation guide to set up necessary dependencies. ( You don't need to compile Exonum itself.


  • Doors open at 18:30
  • Introduciton Talk starts around 19:00
  • After that the Workshop commences
  • After you may stay and talk to people for a while.

If we hit the capacity limit, please message us.