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Use my Heise Single Page Add-on with firefox nightly

If you would like to use my Heise Single Page extension to enhance readablilty of the news site. Now there is a workaround for Android after mozilla decided to stop allowing any addons on the android version of firefox:

  1. Install Firefox nightly:
  2. Enable Debug Menu in Firefox nightly:
    1. Open Settings
    2. Scroll down to the end, click "About"
    3. Tap the logo at least 10 times until you see a toast message announcing "Debug menu enables"
    4. Go back one level
  3. In the extended section select Custom Add-on collection:
  4. Enter these details:
    1. User ID: 14027677
    2. Collection name: AllMyAddons
    3. Collection Settings
  5. Go back and select the add-on from the proposed list
    1. Extension List

The collection features more than my own addon now, because the collection is not stacking on top of the default one.

Why do I have to do that?

Well the truth is, since mozilla dropped general add-ons with firefox 79 in August this is the first and currently only way to use not so popular extensions on android.