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Fixing firefox Lockwise sync

Yesterday I realized that the password sync Lockwise that is integrated with Firefox Sync stopped working and lost almost all passwords.

Lockwise enables to keep bookmarks and passwords in sync over multiple machines with different operating systems like Arch, Ubuntu, Mac OS X or Windows.

This tutorial requires that you have Firefox Sync setup on at least two machines/profiles.

Fixing it with X steps

  1. Use another machine/setup and see if the passwords are still there by opening " Hamburger menu 🍔" -> "Accounts and Passwords". If they are gone, this will be a sad day in a mad world.
  2. Click on "your own picture" -> "your email address" -> "Manage account".
  3. In the new tab under "Devices & apps" click "Show".
  4. Now, if there is one or more entries with the same name this is (probably) causes the sync of Lockwise to fail.
  5. To rename a device click "your own picture" -> "Sync Settings".
  6. In the now open settings tab "Device Name" -> "Change Device Name..." now choose a unique name for all the machines/profiles that stopped working.
  7. On the same page press "Sync Now" on the working machine/profile first, then after a quick wait (eg. 30 seconds) press "Sync Now" on the broken machines/profiles.

It did not work ...

You can try this on the broken profiles:

  1. In the settings from the last step.
  2. Disable the password sync then "Sync Now"
  3. Enable the password sync then "Sync Now"

This is another trigger to get Lockwise to sync again.