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i18n with rust at Rust Zürisee 🦀 announcement 2022-12-07

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The topic is internationalization i18n with rust, the translation of ones application. This time we are hosted by Google Zürich in the EURB room near the main station.

Because of the nature of the building we have to enter together as one group. Late entry will not be possible.

Our meeting point is in front of

Orell Füssli
Europaallee 8
8004 Zürich

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  • 18:45 → Gathering and welcoming attendees to Google by Younies Mahmoud
  • 19:00 → Doors open
  • 19:15 → Rust Meetup introduction by Stefan Schindler
  • 19:20 → Rust in Google introduction and agenda introduction by Martin Geisler

  • 19:30 → Talk 1: Shane F. Carr @sffc
    Shane Carr, chair of the ICU4X subcommittee at the Unicode Consortium, will introduce ICU4X and discuss a range of topics on how to write a fast, modular Rust library. Across the world, people are coming online with smartphones, smart watches, and other small, low-resource devices. The technology industry needs an internationalization solution for these environments that scales to dozens of programming languages and thousands of human languages. Enter ICU4X. Built from the ground up to be lightweight, portable, and secure, ICU4X learns from decades of experience to bring localized date formatting, number formatting, collation, text segmentation, and more to devices that, until now, did not have a suitable solution.

  • 20:15 → Break

  • 20:30 → Talk 2: Manish Goregaokar @manishearth
    Internationalization involves a lot of data. A Lot. And loading data can be slow. ICU4X has dealt with this by going all-in on zero-copy deserialization, a technique that ensures that data loading involves fast validation as opposed to slow allocation. To help with this, we have built a suite of crates (yoke, zerovec, zerofrom, and databake) that make zero-copy deserialization easier to work with and more broadly applicable. This talk will tour through these crates, talking about what they do, how they work, and how they can be useful to you.

  • 21:05 → Socialising
  • 22:30 → Starting to close and goodbye 🙂


I am planing another meetup in February. Would you like to present something small in 5 minutes? or big in up to 45 minutes?

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