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Disable qnap App Center auto updates and do them yourself with a schedule

Qnap has decided to enable automatic updates for apps as well. This caused the admin interface to freeze up while I was away.

The only way to get it to work again was booting into the recovery mode over SSH, then updating the main firmware so it was compatible with the admin interface again.

Setting up your schedule

The NAS still needs to be maintained. So every month allocate 2h for maintenance like this:

  1. Pick an evening or morning during the week that is free.
  2. Setup a calendar entry like "every second Tuesday evening of the month at 19:30"
  3. Add a reminder to it, like 30min and 6h before the event
  4. Then login and do the work

This means less down time for the NAS and no surprises. Also, most of the time it requires less time and now you have some spare time 🎉

In addition, follow my hardening guide and reduce the attack surface of the NAS as much as possible.

How to prevent future app update failures?

First, disable the "App Center" auto updates.

  1. Login with an adminstrative user
  2. Open "App Center"
  3. Click "⚙️ Settings" then the tab "Updates"
  4. Change the dropdown to "Send notification"

Stop automatic system updates

  1. Use the global search for: "Firmware Update"
  2. After the "Control Panel" has opened under "Firmware Update Settings"
  3. Select "Notify me, but do not automatically update firmware"
  4. Unter "Firmware update types" select all options