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UHK keyboard maintenance

I am using the first version of the split keyboard from UHK with the wooden palm rests since 2018.

The UHK have a staggered layout like the most common keyboards. That makes the switch to the split very easy as all the muscle memory still works the same. Well, except for the B key, because I learned to use that key with the right hand and it is on the left keyboard half.

Maintenance on the trackball

Last year the manufacturer delivered the extension modules key-cluster and trackball. At first it was great, not having to use the mouse layer for steering the mouse is a huge ergonomic improvement.

Then the trackball started bugging out. The faults were pretty random but became more and more common over time.

Finally, I opened up the module and found lumped flakes of dust as you can see in the picture. I assume that these flakes were stuck for most of the time but sometimes got loose and then covered the sensor (in the middle of the module).

Since I cleaned the module, the ball and the ring with a dry kitchen paper the module works again perfectly 🥳

Dirty Trackball Module

Setting a reminder

To prevent the module from failing in the future I added a yearly reminder in my calendar to clean it. So I can forget it while making sure the keyboard keeps on working.

My next keyboard

Honestly, I don't plan to buy a new keyboard for some time. The UHK is very sturdy.

However, the next one will probably be an Ortholinear one like ergodox DIY or EZ or the moonlander.