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Can AI draw train tracks and a station in the mountains?

The big hidden question here is: Do today's LLM's know that trains and tracks are not just common together but that one usually needs the other?

make me an image of an öbb train station in the alps

The third building has some O and some B's in it, nice 👍

base it on the station Selzthal in the spring

This time the bot even responds with text and a map first:

Okay, I’ll try to base it on the station Selzthal in the spring. Selzthal is a railway station in Austria that is a rail hub for East-West and North-South connections1. It is located in the district of Liezen in Styria1.

Hm, the third picture has something off, can you spot it?

add more tracks as well as a pass through line, add a cargo train in the background

This could not have gone any better ...

Use lighting like on a post card

Trains run on tracks, well sometimes they don't 🫠

focus on the tracks and make them fully connected

Connected is such a hard word. Let's just hope no-one tries to connect other kinds of data with an AI... 🤫

Draw less forks, make one line taper off to the left, another line should follow the rolly hills on the right

Maybe there were too many lines already, but this time it actually managed to get the "more tracks" out of the generator prompt, but not the actual picture.

Make the picture more photo realistic

More, less who is to say what words mean to a large language model... 🫣

Atleast the forth picture looks very nice.

use an uninterrupted, double pencil stroke as the base of each rail track

It added the word "style" to the prompt so naturally instead of making the tracks out of lines it drew the whole thing like a pencil 🙈

Can you add a train station cafe?

It responds with a nice text first and the listed references actually point to stuff about cafe's in trainstations:

Sure, I can add a train station cafe. A train station cafe is a place where you can enjoy some food and drinks while waiting for your train or after your journey. Some train station cafes are located inside the station building, while others are nearby or on the platform. Some examples of train station cafes are To Treno Sto Rouf in Athens, Greece1, Brauhaus 1516 in Augsburg, Germany, and The Train Station Cafe in Anniston, Alabama, USA.

Well the pictures don't have any cafes in them so: Go home, you are drunk!